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Air Conditioning Service Sunshine  Coast


To keep your air conditioning running efficiently and in order for it to provide you with years of service, it is important to have a maintenance programme for it.

We can provide a yearly, quarterly or monthly service based on the type of system and the usage it gets. For example, a shop that runs its system most days and has high traffic would have a more frequent service than a home owner that works most days and doesn't run the system as often.

Our Technicians carry out the following checks as part of our routine service program:

• Refrigerant pressure / leak checks

• Full electrical checks

• Equipment control checks

• Condenser and evaporator coil check and clean

• Cleaning of all fitted filters where necessary

• Deodorise filters

• Condensate drain and pump system checks

We also offer a corrosion protection treatment, which is especially important if your air conditioner is in close proximity to the sea as the salt in the air quickly corrodes the metal parts.

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